viernes, 7 de octubre de 2011

An emotional moment

One of the many emotional moments we shared was when Prof. Ana María Lavagna read a letter which she had received from one of her former classmates:

Prof. Ana María Lavagna: I want to read these words, which I share with a lady who was once my fellow student and is still a friend. Please have my voice echo her thoughts, for I agree to her comments, only I could never have put them so nicely.

Dear all:
Congratulations on the 75th. anniversary of our beloved INSP. (I understand the name changed!) I am Adriana Misuracca, 1974 graduate whose passage through the sacred (albeit graffiti-laden) walls of the Normal 1, may now rest in the dusty recesses of someone's memory. I reside in Boston now, having emigrated to the US in 1977. Dear to my heart, and truly unforgettable, are the four years spent among profoundly interesting and dedicated people with whom I had the privilege to share, for a brief span, the best part of my young self. My gratitude and my heart-felt embrace to all, but particularly to the following, for their long-standing impact on my life.
Arlette Imbert: for having planted the seeds of interest in my profession.
Maria Rosa Coppola: for having stoically served as my role model in 5th and 6th. grade (elementary school) and later as my Phonetics & Diction I and II teacher when I turned into a young woman.
Graciela Rinesi: for having brought incredible laughter to my adolescent years as a student at ARCI.
Graciela Gimeno: for having exemplified what true grit means when standing in front of an ESL class and having intoduced me to the Roget's Thesaurus (a lifelong debt).
Nora Séculi: for delightful trips back into the 1800's and cozy evenings in the company of Jane Austen.
Yolanda Raffo: for opening the doors to a Brave New World.
Marta Benetti: for having taught me most everything I know about the beauty of words, the perfection of language, the enjoyment of literature, and, most of all, for having erected herself as a model of courage and professionalism. Most of all, I thank her for Henry James and times spent reading his work, by the fire at home, in Funes.


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