viernes, 7 de octubre de 2011

Some tips for the road

The lectures we shared during these days of celebration have given us plenty of food for thought.
Find below some tips the lecturers have generously chosen to share with those who could not be physically present.

Magdalena Prinster de Botto
(Former Tenured Lecturer – Language III – IV, IES “Olga Cossettini")
Looking back…, looking forward

Continuous Professional Development is a life-long commitment , a moving target thus, sound advice is

*Be discerning
*Be selective
*Be open-minded
*Be active
*Be autonomous
*Be consistent
*Be reflective
*Be responsible

To this purpose, some reminders:
*If you do not have valid environments where to teach, all projects are inevitably shattered.

*If you do not have master teachers to observe and imitate, you stagnate. Professional paralysis and burn-out follows.

*If you fail to acknowledge that professional action is a craft to be learned most effectively through an apprenticeship system + accumulated experience you will always find reasons to ignore CPD.

Mariel R. Amez

(Lecturer in Literature in English I and III, IES "Olga Cossettini")
Education in the XXI century: challenges and opportunities

In order to bring about Transformative Innovation, just DO IT!
Define problem
Open mind and apply creative techniques
Identify best solution

If you want to introduce digital technologies effectively in your classroom
*Don’t be afraid
*Build a PLN
*Start small
*Ask for help
*Pedagogy – not technology
*Involve learners

Mónica Pérez

(Lecturer in Phonology I, Psycholinguistics and Literature in English I, IES "O. Cossettini")
Because I have a voice! Stammering: a new look upon an old problem through The King´s Speech

Stammering, Stuttering or Dysfluency:
*Primary cause unknown
*Multiple explanations
*Requires a multi-faceted approach

Some hints for teachers (from The British Stammering Association):
*Slow down your rate of talking.
*Try to be at the same level as the child.
*Reduce the number of questions you ask.
*Comment on the event that may be causing the dysfluency.
*Remain calm, kind and approachable.

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